Books by Pet TorreS

Valkyrie the Vampire Princess Saga
Valkyrie the Vmapire Princess
Valkyrie the Vmapire Princess 2
Valkyrie the Vmapire Princess 3

Valmont the Vampire Prince Trilogy
Throne of blood
Heir of blood
Reign of blood

The Black Wolf’s Mark Series
The Black Wolf’s Mark
The Black Wolf’s Mark II
The Black Wolf’s Mark III
The Black Wolf’s Mark IV

The Black Wolf’s Daughter Series
The Black Wolf’s Daughter I
The Black Wolf’s Daughter II

Tiger’s Obsession Series
Tiger’s Obsession
Robbed Virginity
Ardent Affection
Forced Penitence
Renascent Soul

Illusory Love Series
Illusory Love I
Illusory Love II
Illusory Love III
Illusory Love IV

Vampires Adversaries Trilogy
Vampires Adversaries

Wolf Academy Saga
The Oath
The compassion
The revelation
The sacrifice
The purification
The unification
The rupture

Love or friendship Series
Love or friendship
Love or friendship II
Love or friendship III

Other books
Arranged Marriage
Illusionism Obscene
Leione’s Diary
Blood Moon
Destiny with Blood
Love Wave
E 2000