Book 1 in the Tear of Princess Series 
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 Princesses don’t cry…

This was something I heard a lot of when I was growing up.
I recall that as a princess I was very happy beside my father, King Saulo. My father governed the province of an earth far from this one.
In the castle resided my father, my aunt, myself and all the castle guards.
I remember I grew up with the protection of King Saulo as he reigned. I didn’t have a normal life because I was always escorted by several guards and I could never exit the immense gateways of the castle.
It was necessary for my protection.
Like all royal dynasties we had enemies everywhere. The most astonishing thing is that our most immediate threat came from within our palace, people among our royal family.

Book 2 in the Tear of Princess Series 



The spell called Tear of Princess transported me to the castle again.
I did not know those people who lived in the palace. My memory did not allow me.
But they recalled that I was the princess of the Land of the Sun.
After my return to my father's castle, there was an attempt of murdering me and the whole castle guard had to be modified.
In the delivery of coats of arms to the soldiers, I had a big surprise.

Fate had brought to my life the antidote I needed for my healing.