Black Wolf’s Mark

When the seventh male son from a same family is born, it occurs ‘the black wolf curse’ over this child.
And this baby must be sacrificed for the good of all humanity.
Or the black beast will awake after 277 full moons.


Black Wolf’s Mark II

Zidane arrives at the Vistancia village which is the place he was born.
There he finally meets his biological family.
And tragedies mark his life again.

The black wolf’s mark prevents him from achieving tranquility, which is what he desires the most.


Black Wolf’s Mark III

Zidane arrives at Tiger Head village. There he finally meets his worst enemy.
He will see the man that separated him from his biological family, and the man who commanded his death when he was still a newborn.
In this village is a female dancer that dances with a serpent. She attracts crowds of people to her.
Zidane will take this woman by surprise. This woman is one who enthralls one hundred men with her enchantments.
Will he find Amarilis again?
Will the black wolf win over his worst enemy and resist any more catastrophes in his life?
Will the black wolf win his worst enemy and resist to more catastrophes into his life?


Black Wolf’s Mark IV

The Black Wolf has survived after that night in the Tiger Head Village. Amarilis, even though blind, has removed the silver bullet from Zidane’s chest.
Then everything goes back to normal in their lives.
But something unexpected happens…