Erotic Series 
( This series has 6 books
all of them are available on Amazon

Book one
Tiger’s   Obsession

Emily is a young woman who becomes payment for her own uncle’s debt.
One night, the girl is abandoned by the roadside.
Larsson Tiger, a young man who is obsessed with tigers, finds her sitting on the curb and takes her to his luxurious mansion.
Emily is grateful to this man and gradually she begins to immerse herself into the world of Tiger's obsession.

This book is for free on Amazon and on this blog as well in free books

Book Two

 Robbed Virginity
 Emily is again before Larsson TIGER's green eyes.
She discovers his true personality.
But it's too late for her to tell her heart that this man should not steal her heart.
Somehow, he still dominates her.
Now what is at stake is her chastity.

Book Three
Ardent Affection
Larsson TIGER's obsession with the young Emily affects his businesses. He desires her only for him.
On his thirty-fourth birthday he always chooses one of his girls to spend a night with him.
Will Emily be chosen tonight?
Something unexpected could occur...
Emily longs to steal a kiss from the majestically beautiful Larsson TIGER, hoping to lure him into a trap, where the ardent affection can be his prison.

Book Four
Forced Penitence

Annoyed at the indifference of Larsson Tiger, Emily renounces her great and only love.
Now she longs for her freedom away from the green eyes of the obsessive Larson Tiger.
On a full moon night, Emily decides she needs to get away – as far away as possible and never look back.
But Larsson believes Emily still is alive and he is determined to find her again, even if he has to go to hell to bring her back into his life.  

Book Five
Renascent Soul

I did not imagine that the destination could surprise me again and again in such a short time. However, I also didn't think he could bring back to my life, all the good and bitter memories of my past.
My past which, a part of it, I tried and I try to forget, but he's so stubborn and insists to invade my thoughts when I risk thinking about good, beautiful and unforgettable things.
Fate did it again; it brought to my life in the same way, the person I tried to get away from, for a long period of my existence.
I've always tried to be Emily, which existed before the goddamn collecting of a debt from my uncle.
So I ask myself again.
Fate rules my life? Or is it me that cannot dribble it with an armor to prevent all things or bad people try to cross my path for the second or third time?
What do you think of this?

Book Six
Infinite apex


Check out the end of the erotic series that tells the story of young Emily Fontana and the mighty Larsson Tiger, the emperor of the L.TIGER Nightclubs network.
Will the infinity apex reign in love life of Emily Fontana and Larsson Tiger?
Or were they born to love each other, but the distance is their consolation prize for this turbulent love that involves them?