Book 1
Valkyrie is a young girl who has been raised only by her mother, who has suffered a lot by getting pregnant without knowing who the real father of her daughter was.
Valkyrie grew up having recurring strange dreams about a man she has never seen in her life.
When she meets Eros, a handsome and attractive boy, mystery becomes part of her everyday life.
Some nights, she sleeps with an owl watching her.
Wondrous revelations come as time wears on, changing her life forever…

The Vampire Princess 2

Valkyrie returns to the planet Earth.
She goes back to live together with her mother and with human kind.
What she doesn't know is that her existence on Earth will never be the same after she has become an immortal.
She’ll have to choose between remainig on planet Earth or returning to the planet Neptune. That is, where her father the Vampire King, reigns.

The Vampire Princess 3

This is the final Valkyrie the Vampire Princess Saga.

Will Valkyrie get to conquer the love of vampire Eros? Or will she be condemned to live in the solitary world of the Vampires?